Piazza Carducci is now more than ever one of the "chic corners" of Jesolo Lido: the Q.C. could not find a better location to open its first restaurant in Jesolo. The QC in Jesolo is a place that fully reflects all its gastronomic ambitions: whether you come here for a relaxing lunch or for a high-level aperitif, you can always spoil yourself with taste and style.
Between the cosy inner room that adheres to a long and inviting bar, the stallatico overlooking Piazza Carducci and the mezzanine on the upper floor, the QC manages to tempt you to take a break at any time of day.

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THE QC Jesolo

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MONDAY 07.00 - 02.00
TUESDAY 07.00 - 02.00
WEDNESDAY 07.00 - 02.00
FRIDAY 07.00 - 02.00
SATURDAY 07.00 - 02.00
SUNDAY 07.00 - 02.00

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