The combinations and the flavors that we offer you come from a careful selection of raw materials

Tramezzini and piadine leave you open-mouthed

Our tramezzini bread is 12 mm thick by Venetian tradition. Why such a specific thickness? It’s the only guarantee that you’re eating the real Venetian tramezzini.

So, we bring to life authentic tramezzini that enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials we select to fill them. The dough of our piadine is animal fat-free. Are you intolerant to gluten? At The QC’s we offer creative combinations with gluten-free piadine.

The combinations we plan for you are light but with a unique flavor. We prepare them with fresh and seasonal ingredients, every morning, at 7.30!

Gourmet ingredients

Our products include Canadian wild smoked salmon that is bright red, Mortadella d’Accisa from Bologna, the authentic Sicilian pistachio nuts. How can you say no to The QC? Our products follow you while you admire the beauties of the city, they’re your quick lunch between one university lesson and the next, appease your appetite at lunch break.

A pleasure for the eye and for the belly

For The QC presentation also matters. We serve tramezzini and piadine on small wooden trays made to measure for our tramezzini and piadine. We love details, especially in the small things.

Indulge your whims – The QC

The QC is the whim you can indulge every day. Tramezzini, piadine in our places you find the ideal food for every time of the day.

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