Our products


Delicious tramezzini that

Leave you speechless

Our tramezzini bread is 12 millimetres thick, as the Veneto tradition dictates. Why such a specific size? It is the only one that guarantees the creation of the true Venetian tramezzino.

This is how we create authentic sandwiches that enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials we choose to fill them with. Our piadina dough is free of animal fat. And for those with gluten intolerance at The QC we offer creative combinations with gluten free piadine.


Gourmet ingredients

Our products include bright red Canadian wild smoked salmon, Mortadella d'Accisa di Bologna, and authentic Sicilian pistachios.

How can you say no to The QC? Our products accompany you while you admire the sights of the city, they are your quick lunch between university lectures, they satisfy your taste buds during your lunch break.

The combinations we devise for you are light but with a unique flavour. We prepare them with fresh, seasonal ingredients, every morning at 7.30am!


A pleasure to see

and to taste

For The QC, presentation also counts. Whether it's quick and fresh dishes, piadinas, sandwiches, or cocktails, everything is taken care of in its appearance, taste and quality.
We love details, especially the little things.


Everything improves

with a smile

Our quality is concentrated in just a few bites and sips, for an explosion of taste. We select products of Italian and international excellence.

The QC is not only a unique taste but also a great team. Wherever we are, the formula does not change: we are smiling and professional.


The QC is a brand of QC-Reliable Quality