We tell you about us


The original union

Two traditions

The QC is the combination of Venetian tastes and the American entrepreneurial spirit, the one according to which when you have an idea, a dream, you have to realise it.

The combination of Italian professionalism and American enterprise in 2019 gave birth to The QC, for a hearty and tasty snack.

Why we

chose this name

Much more than an acronym. The QC is a tribute to the certain quality that characterises the entire culinary offering. This project is the result of the Italian passion for leavened products, but above all for tramezzini, the distinctive culinary dish of the Veneto region throughout the world.

The QC is a name that stays with you wherever you are! Venetian tradition and taste reach every corner of the globe.


Our concept

of catering

An informal and joyful environment. A colourful and stylish place to spend time with friends and for a quick break in your working day.

Would you like to enjoy The QC in the office? Call us, order, and we'll join you!

With The QC time flies, enjoy!

The tramezzino


We are known for our tramezzini. From classic and typically Venetian combinations, to the enhancement of flavour with the combination of ingredients from all over the world.

The QC tramezzini celebrate tradition and at the same time reinterpret it.


The QC is a brand of QC-Reliable Quality